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Randolph Engineering - Sportsman pilot sunglasses

Randolph pilot sunglasses

Randolph Engineering has supplied sunglasses to the US Military and Air Forces world-wide since 1982. Famed for their extreme durability and classic American styles, these sunglasses are meticulously handcrafted using only the finest materials.

Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, this enduring Sportsman style is an essential piece of equipment to bring on your adventures. The optional cable style temples wrap around your ear to prevent slipping, and the extremely durable frame will stand up to the harshest of conditions.

Lens Sizes: 57mm, 61mm,
Lens Styles: AGX, TAN-3, Grey-3, polarized AGX (+24 euro), flash mirror lens (+24 euro)
Frame: 24K gold, matte black, chrome, gun metal
Temple: skull

Before ordering an RE product, contact custom service, whether your choosen product is stil available!

Please indicate in "Note" the details of the sunglasses: lens size, lens style, frame!


All Randolph Engineering products have been meticulously handcrafted for over 35 years. Utilizing only the finest materials, our craftsmen and women create some of the world’s best eyewear. Over the years, Randolph Engineering has retained an integrated manufacturing approach with the end benefit being a level of American made quality, craftsmanship, and comfort unequaled in the industry.

Overall Quality and Frame Technology

Randolph Engineering products are famed for their quality and durability. Each pair of our sunglasses goes through more than 200 production stages – mostly by hand. We even make our own solder flux. As a result, our frames provide unequaled strength and solder joint integrity.

In our drive for superior quality, we scour the world for the best components and special alloys – with tight molecular structure to eliminate rusting and oxidation. We do not compromise quality even when selecting something as trivial as a lens screw. Our nose pads are made of soft silicone to prevent the frames from slipping, even during heavy perspiration. While fashion may fade in and out of the marketplace, the quality found in Randolph Engineering products will never go out of style.

We feel so strongly about the quality of our products that we will repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the frame (assuming normal use). That is one of the many reasons we call ourselves “serious equipment”.

Lens Technology – Sunglass Series
Whether you’re piloting an F18 fighter jet or driving a car, you need the best lenses available to protect your eyes and enhance your vision. When it comes to superior quality lenses, Randolph Engineering has you covered. All of our lenses absorb 98-100% of harmful ultraviolet rays and allow a range of 12-18% of visible light to pass through; the ideal comfort level for most wearers. Our mineral glass lenses are exceptionally scratch-resistant, and will provide you with absolute distortion-free clarity. They’re also precision ground and chemically tempered for impact resistance that exceeds ANSI Z-803 standards.

Lens Technology –  Series
From any shooting discipline to fishing and hunting, quality lenses will not only protect your eyes from numerous hazards, they’ll actually elevate your performance and prevent your eyes from becoming fatigued. Those who are serious about the quality of their vision depend on Ranger lenses to perform, no matter the goal. Although all Ranger lenses absorb 100% of UV rays and are molded at above industry standard thickness for your protection, the best advantages to wearing our lenses are enhanced definition and optical clarity. Unlike other shooting lenses, Rangers are made with distortion-free optical-grade polycarbonate. This gives you the level of protection you need while not compromising the quality of your vision.

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