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Flavours of Flight - HANG-GLIDING (DVD)

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Flavours of Flight: HANG-GLIDING (DVD)
PLAY TIME: 57 MINUTES (+ approx. 20 mins EXTRAS)
FORMAT: DVD5 (with full English menus)

"Every flight is different. A unique experience. I can't say, 'This one wasn't so good. It was boring.' Because there's beauty in every flight." - hang-glider pilot Tibor Kokai

Flying like a bird. Many of us have been dreaming about it. Although, we, humans, are biologically destined to be earthbound creatures, luckily, of all the clever flying machines ever devised by us, there's one that can get us close to this dream of flying like a bird. It's the hang-glider. Just put a small engine on it to avoid being blown about at the discretion of the wind, and this buzzing chair will give you incredible freedom in the air.


This film recorded with multiple cameras, featuring spectacular aerial footage, and created in the quality and unique style that has become a hallmark of all Visual Approach documentaries will help you get closer to this dreamlike experience.

You are presented a complete hang-glider flight from pushing the aircraft out of the hangar to shutting down the engine at the end of the trip. Besides the take-off and landing at the local airfield (Dunakeszi, LHDK), you can also enjoy a cross-country trip, a touch-and-go at another airfield, and even a bank dive, formation flying, and a close fly-by next to a boat on the river Danube all this through the very eyes and mind of the pilot! In addition, there is a "surprise" in store for the passenger...

Those interested in flight simulators will particularly enjoy the part where basic flying techniques and some special manoeuvres are explained using Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The relaxing and lyrical nature of the documentary is further enhanced by the excellent soundtrack composed by Kevin MacLeod.

Arrival at the airport and flying RC aircraft
Introducing and checking the hang-glider
The flight plan
Fillin' her up
Dunakeszi Airfield (LHDK)
The surprise
Over Hungaroring
Hang-gliding in Flight Simulator X
Simulator: engine failure
A touch-and-go at Godollo
A bank dive
Over Dunakeszi again
A fly-by next to a boat

A complete traffic circuit (head cam)
Extreme low flight (head cam)
Fly-by next to a boat (head cam)
Touch-and-go (head cam)
Simulator: stall and spiral dive
Simulator: multiplayer flight

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