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Secrets of Ferihegy Airport 1-2 DVD

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Secrets of Ferihegy Airport 1-2 DVD
Educational documentary
Running time: 115 minutes (+ 35 minutes of extra material)
Fully selectable English and Hungarian menus, English/Hungarian audio and subtitles



What is out there?

What do check-in agents see on their monitors? (check-in)
Departure lounge (What to do when you miss your flight to the South Pole?)
Luggage (How do all those suitcases and bags get to the planes and back to the passengers?)
How big is the airport?
Runways, markings, taxiways (Taxiway Alpha and Bravo explained)
What are those "things" next to the runways? (weather reporting instruments explained)
Instrument Landing System shown
Runway lighting explained

Ground Service
Is airline food made at the airport? Where? (Catering)
How and where are all those big planes checked and serviced?
Technician showing us some interesting parts of a Boeing 767 aircraft.
What do ramp officers do? Why do they keep rushing about? Our crew tried to keep up with two of them while they were busy preparing their flights (weight balance and fuel calculations, loading cargo, finding lost passengers, preparing the cockpit etc.)

How are fight attendants trained for emergencies?
The Ferihegy Airport Fire Brigade (special equipment and training)
Tu-154 Simulator (captain takes us on a short practice flight, explaining most of the procedures)
Flying a simulator at home with virtual air traffic control over the internet

Air Traffic Control
Operations Control Centre (managing and controlling flights)
How is the country's air space divided during heavy traffic? (a supervisor shows us the new Air Navigation Service near the airport)
What do controllers see on their radar screens and how do they communicate with pilots? (a busy air traffic controller explains to us what he is doing and even shows us how he separates two planes heading towards each other)
The Tower at Ferihegy

A return flight from Ferihegy to Paris Charles de Gaulle.
How do pilots and flight attendants prepare for a flight?
What happens in the "crew car"?
How does a pilot check his plane before boarding it?
What happens in the cockpit?
What makes a good pilot and what does it take to carry out a perfect landing

(background, technical)
There are two episodes.
Episodes are about one hour long each (2 hours of total running time)
Production took more than 2 years.
Film crew spent about 20 days at the airport and recorded more than 24 hours of professional quality, never-seen-before footage and interviews.
Crew used professional analogue (BETACAM) and digital (DVCAM) video equipment on location and digital editing systems for post-production.
Original music composed exclusively for Secrets of Ferihegy Airport by Hangar Digital.
Original footage was taken in 2000

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